IV4 Shares Raw and Candid New Single with an Equally Bold Music Video

IV4 Shares Raw and Candid New Single with an Equally Bold Music Video

Instead of telling the world what she does want in a relationship, Los Angeles based artist IV4 is all about the “don’ts” on her newest single “Coulda Neva,” a fiery declaration of her personal taste mixed with a raw sound. The new single from this genre bending artist spins a tale of distaste; laying down all the ways a man can waste a woman’s time and cause her to be uninterested. Anything from being unemployed and living with his mom to not holding his smoke after a blunt hit or not performing well enough sexually are all serious “nos” for IV4. With hardcore trap beats and electro sounds, “Coulda Neva” struts with a raw decisiveness that is neither confused nor empathetic. Rather, its powerful, boisterous and untamed.

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In her music video, IV4 matches her song’s energy with a thrill seeking night out accompanied by fellow seductresses. Clad in racy and eclectic attire, the group finds themselves in various adult themed scenarios from dancing in lingerie in their hotel room to rolling down Hollywood Boulevard with cash in hand.

“Coulda Neva” is a single from Iv4’s upcoming project, ‘Get Rich and Cry Trying,’ out later this year via The Wasted Youth/Warner Records. A constant evolution of sound, thought and emotion, IV4’s music finds itself right on the brink of many themes and styles, pushing the envelope musically and speaking honestly from the self.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on her music and upcoming release, make sure to visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

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