Unitfp’s Debut Release is a Slow Burning Soliloquy to the Lonely

Unitfp’s Debut Release is a Slow Burning Soliloquy to the Lonely

20-year-old musician Unitfp has been writing music for as long as she can remember. Teaching herself to play the keyboards at a young age, music has been a space of control and steady exploration (something she notes via her stage name which was originally Uni the flying pilot). Inspired by the sounds and melodies of Lush, Tanukichan, Yo La Tengo and Elliott Smith — Untifp also found great inspiration from The Police and Stevie Wonder, when it came to her song writing style. Her debut release Ultramarine features six lo-fI songs that gently waltz across several genres and sounds, falling somewhere in the realm of atmospheric mood music for one.

From beginning to end, songs bleed into one another, denoting themes of family, loneliness and disappointment. While technically a downer, Unitfp‘s style and vocals are intoxicating to listen to and perhaps provide comfort for those in the throes of sadness or angst. Songs such as “Waltzing on Stones” simmer as synth heavy slow burners that build with resonance and echoey electro sounds where atmospheric melodies pulsate with a shoegaze sound, climbing high until they finally peter out.


“Ultramarine is completely themed off of my past relationship with a toxic family member of mine but there are also lines that regard to other situations referring to loneliness and the expectations of people around you,” Unitfp notes. ”Ultramarine is an extremely personal project for me, both because of the theme and for it being my first project. I’d say [it] is the product of a lot of my hidden truths about my personal life and feelings I tucked away. Despite this I didn’t try and make the project something negative, rather I think Ultramarine is soaked in the brighter side and I’m extremely proud of the way it came out.”

Along with her debut release, Unitfp has worked with the creative collective, PM Playground, she is a part of to create visuals for her singles. Since 2019, Unitfp has released a few singles off her SoundCloud and after receiving some positive feedback from critics, decided to dive into a full length project. Though she has just started sharing her music with the world, it’s been a long road of discovery and passion for the young artist.

“I started to make music when I was around 5,” Unitfp notes. ”I put myself on the piano, and it was one of the most fantastic things I had ever experienced. I started to write songs in middle school and I’d say my musical style didn’t become personal to me until high school.”

Stream Unitfp’s debut album Ultramarine below. Keep up with her latest news via her Twitter and Instagram.

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