Tenacious duo, Moon share their new EP ‘Shine’

Tenacious duo, Moon share their new EP Shine

Los Angeles rock duo Moon, unveils their hardy five-track EP Shine. Within the rich offering a bold, intensity bursts through. Highlighting grand, gritty vocals, there is so much deep emotion felt from each thunderous tune. Soaring soundscapes emitting a gravelly quality, make their pithy pieces true standouts. Chelsea Dawn is heard on vocals and drums, and Dan Silver is on guitars and synths.

Kicking it off with the lustrous “Shine”, the song is a roaring anthem that hits you straight in the face. The track speaks to the hardships we encounter but also sees the positives that come out of it. “What makes you shine, should always be more important than what makes you mad. In a time when everyone seems to be down, we all could use a feeling of confidence,” explains Silver. “Never Cross Me” is a powerful release with a title that says it all. You know those trying days? The kind where we get easily agitated. This fiery song shows listeners Moon is not to be messed with. “My Oh My” is a heartfelt track. Evoking a feeling of camaraderie and comfort where Dawn soulfully sings, “I’ll take you home or wherever you need to go.” There is so much of friends and family laced into the song’s sentiment.


Moon produced the striking EP themselves and mixed everything at Silver’s Victory Road Studio. Dawn was born in a farming and mining town. Her upbringing is woven into their music, as it possesses a raw and rugged nature. From their profound lyrical messages to enormous sound, they are a definite force to be reckoned with. Shine is a prime example of that.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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