Junaco Share How “Paradise” can be Just a State of Mind with New Perspective Changing Single

Junaco Share How Paradise can be Just a State of Mind with New Perspective Changing Single
Photo credit: Nicole Mason @neekmason

Continuing with a string of atmospheric, uplifting singles, L.A. based band Junaco dropped their latest song, “Paradise,” the last bread crumb leading to their upcoming debut EP, Blue Room. The new single is a bright, airy and light sonic wave that permeates through any madness or angst one might be feeling.

“Paradise” delicately weaves together the small and big moments of life, encapsulating the peaks and valleys we traverse both emotionally and mentally. And, while we all have good and bad days, and some that just seem forgettable or meaningless, Junaco reminds us that each and every moment we’re alive is what adds up to a personal consciousness that helps shape who we are as individuals.


”The mind is a powerful tool – we have the ability to shift our perspective at any given moment with practice and control,” Junaco’s Shahana Jaffer says. ”A strong sentiment I learned from my parents’ immigrant experience – that paradise is in your mind if you allow it. We have the habit of placing responsibility on a far away action: ‘when I move there, my life will be better’ but if we instead tried to look inward and felt every feeling genuinely, would we have an easier time adapting?”

As Junaco remind us rising and falling are all just a part of the journey, they also capture the sentiment of time and our relationship wit it. Knowing and being at peace with the tracks of our past, staying present and grounded in the moment, while also understanding how our wants and desires enlighten and shape the future, these are the elements of a person in control of their state of mind and a person who truly knows themselves. Junaco captures these sentiments in “Paradise” as they muse on the perplexities of life and how we all have the power to change or enlighten our state of mind.

“And while we all attempt to live in the present, it’s still important to take the past and future into account,” band mate Joey LaRosa notes. “You are who you are based on the past. And you are who you are based on what you want and what you envision your future to be.”

With philosophical lyrics float along open and atmospheric instrumentals, “Paradise” is a thoughtful person’s delight. It muses on the nature of our humanity, how each moment adds up to a collective being with depth and how our state of mind can help us take advantage of and brighten our outlook on the lives we live.

Comprised of LaRosa and Jaffer, the band uses their cultural backgrounds and experiences in life to shape introspective, philosophical and forward thinking music, promoting art and music in organic and thoughtful ways all the way down to their band name, which they note means living with intention and “rolling with the pace of life and
enjoying the present.”

Junaco’s Blue Room EP drops July 9 via Side Hustle Records. Along with the release, Junaco will be launching an interactive IG filter that allows fans to insert themselves inside of the artwork from the singles on the upcoming EP as well as ethically and locally sourced merch including a a multi-purpose canvas pouch made in collaboration with local woman-run design studio Via Verano.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Junaco, make sure to visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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