Hot Artist Alert: Superstar to-be, De'Wayne prepares for his introduction on debut album "STAINS"
Photo by Jordan Knight

Los Angeles-based De’Wayne is turning heads with the release of his debut album STAINS and the impressive video for “Super 8,” a wild track that once more plays into the artist’s penchant for crafting hook-filled, genre-bending songs. Between blitzing drums and his earnest cries Super 8″ embodies the kind of breathless urgency with which De’Wayne creates his music — but it also highlights the playful intimacy that makes his songwriting so inviting. Not to mention the way he effortlessly blends elements of pop-punk, rock, and other genres into the sonics of his clamorously emotive songs. Or even the audacious creative range of his music videos, which for the Joe Mischo directed “Super 8” meant taking a slick-retro aesthetic, some coy fruit imagery, and an all-around whimsical sensuality that is too fun not to enjoy.

The new single / video follows previous releases and veritable jammers “I Know Something” and “National Anthem” with the latter underscoring just how much of De’Wayne’s immolating live show energy courses through his music. Every one of the eleven songs on STAINS, is imbued with the same intense urgency De’Wayne has injected into the singles releases so far.

De’Wayne got a taste of the stage at an early age. Asked to lead a song at his local church at the age of 12 the moment was a life-altering one, leading the once insecure to find his voice and confidence with a microphone in his hand and a group of people ready and willing to feed off his energy. But even as he started voraciously writing his own tracks — receiving from his dad a “crash course” on Houston rappers — he felt they were missing an important spark because he hadn’t yet truly started living his own life. With a move to Los Angeles at the age of 19 however, that all changed.

“If I’d stayed in Houston, I’d just be my Mom’s son. I’d be doing a job I wouldn’t want to do,” he said of the move. “Now, I’m fully De’Wayne.”

De’Wayne’s new album STAINS is out now via Hopeless Records. Visit De’Wayne’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for De’Wayne’s new single “Super 8” below!