Tiarra Girls display women’s strength with new single and visuals “Soy Chingona”

Tiarra Girls Chingona

Mexican American trio Tiarra Girls, unleash their assertive new single and video “Soy Chingona”. Translating to “I’m a badass,” the track is a highly empowering ode to strong, confident women and a reminder to let their own voice be heard. Fusing rock with colorful Latin beats, the bilingual tune tantalizes us with its fresh flavor. Through bold bass, pulsating percussion and ska style vocals, Tiarra Girls supply a passionate rejoicing of the liberation of women. The inspiring visuals begin by defining chingona and that meaning is conveyed throughout the video. From fixing the car with a Rosie the Riveter look to boxing, there is fierceness felt from the very start.  As the video continues, you see a powerful fist on chest salute further illustrating power and strength. Using an all women identifying crew for the offering, it is just another way their message of female celebration is present.


The threesome consists of singer/guitarist Tori Baltierra, bassist Tiffany Baltierra and drummer Sophia Baltierra. The Austin, Texas natives employ rock, Latin, pop, soul, reggae and blues to create a distinct sound that demolishes genre barriers. The daring group of artivists deliver motivating messages to the masses. 3-time Austin Music Award-winners, Tiarra Girls are making a name for themselves in today’s scene. Planning to release more music throughout the year, we look forward to seeing what’s next from the rising talents.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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