Hot Artist Alert: Nana Lourdes’ infectious pop-bops are one debut EP away from taking over the world

Hot Artist Alert: Nana Lourdes' infectious pop-bops are one debut EP away from taking over the world

It won’t be long before the infectious pop-creations of artist Nana Lourdes are dominating airwaves and streaming services all over the world. The moniker of Adriana Caldas de Barros, an only child from the north of Portugal who developed an obsession over the music-making process, Nana Lourdes taught herself how to write, produce, record, and mix all from her parents’ living-room and her late great-grandma’s bedroom. Her songs — influenced heavily by music from the early 00’s like Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani — reveal a penchant for creating kinetically catchy earworms with beats to lose yourself in and lyrics to sing along to.


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Her most recent single, “Made Your Mama Cry,” is the perfect distillation of Nana Lourdes’ raw talent: a top to bottom bop that bounces excitedly to Lourdes’ contagious pep — the song is also a poignant look at the consequences of the words that have left our mouths and their effect on the people around us. “BKGW” is another lush alt-pop piece, one that really plays around with her fascination with swirling electronica; while the slick, concussive beats of “WDWG” a regretful voicemail disguised as a banging single that sees Lourdes really laying on the early 00s hype thick with her glittery synths.

Lourdes’ discography might be sparse right now but the singles she has stretching back to 2019 are all essential listens and verifiable jams. She has enough singles out now to fill an EP, so we have our fingers crossed that Lourdes’ debut is potentially on the horizon, but for now we’re fine going back to the well of songs she has out right now.

Visit Nana Lourdes’ website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements. We’re hoping she makes her way to Los Angeles sooner than later!

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