Runnner Releases Moody New Single Before New Album Drop

In anticipation of his new album, indie artist Runnner released the final single, “Monochrome” running up to the July 16 release of ‘Always Repeating.’ This new album is his debut under a new label, Run For Cover Records. “Monochrome,” like his previously released tunes off the forthcoming album, is a slow burning flame, letting off a smoke of emotion and existential thoughts.

Soft, acoustic string instruments lead us into a broader sweeping melody that becomes sparse as Runnner’s Noah Weinman comes in with soft, wavering vocals. Weinman sings about past moments and friendships in his life that seem too intangible to get back as our memories can only hold onto a sliver of the past’s original detail and vividness.


“Monochrome” is a song that pulls deep from Weinman’s own experiences as he moved from Ohio back to his hometown of L.A. after college, leaving friends and deep relationships behind. It was hard at first to let the song go and offer it up for recording, but Weinman notes the song feels authentically Runnner.

“As soon as I wrote it I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing it into my band at the time,” Weinman says. ”I was really missing my friends and they all seemed so far away that it somehow felt like they never existed. It’s about nuance and memory, and how hard it can be to remember something in all its color and detail. Part of me fights against that and tries to remember everything, but part of me also resigns to it.” 


The music video accompanying “Monochrome” created by Weinman with the help of Helen Ballentine. A lo-fi recording of small, passing moments, interrupted occasionally by visual static, play out as Weinman retraces elements of his life in Ohio, his current reluctant residence in Los Angeles and all the little moments that encapsulate his perpetual state of melancholy and longing.

“Always Repeating’ will feature five new songs along re-recordings of five previously released tunes. The combination of new and older songs balance the world of intimacy and somber nostalgia Weinman creates as songwriter and musician on most of the instruments in the album. In addition to the melancholy lyrics, ‘Always Repeating’ captures a wayward sadness where connection and disconnection repeat in cycles Weinman wrote and recorded the album in various places from Los Angeles, New York to Western Massachusetts and Woodstock where it was recorded using a mobile studio setup.

The release of Runnner’s new album will be celebrated with two album release shows, first at Los Angeles’ Baader House on July 22 and then at Brooklyn’s Union Pool on August 25. Runnner is also slated to open for frequent collaborator Skullcrusher on a fall U.S. tour beginning in Seattle, WA on November 29, and including shows at LA’s Lodge Room on December 3.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more information on shows, new music and more, make sure to visit Runnner’s website and follow him on Instagram.

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