Ethel Cain

Coming off the heels of the release of her Inbred EP singer/songwriter Ethel Cain has shared a stunning stripped-down version of one of its standout singles with “Crush” (stripped). The eviscerating song is made that much more affecting removed of all its sonorous echoes and lush instrumentation, leaving Cain’s beaming vocals in a dark well of despondent but glowing strumming. So often in virulent contrast with the morose and heavy themes of her music, the rework also places more limelight on Cain’s ever angelic voice — a clarion ring one moment before dropping to a low rumble in the depths of despair the next.


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The music video for the song, directed by Hayden Anhedonia and shot by Salem Anhedonia, sees Cain joined by Dan Geraghty of Twenty One Pilots on a trampoline as they’re filmed home-movie style. Bitingly intimate, Cain’s woven stories about heartache and pain feel at home wrapped in the simple but poignant acoustics of the reworked song — coupled with the video, “Crushed” (stripped) manages to become that much more haunting and forlorn.

Ethel Cain will be playing a special show at El Cid in Los Angeles on October 20 as part of an intimate showcase of her recent album Inbred. She will be joined by special guest Maddie J. Quin. Visit Ethel Cain’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements.

Watch the music video for Ethel Cain’s new rework of “Crushed” (stripped) below!

Ethel Cain at El Cid LA

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