Gogol Bordello
Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello is bringing their wild and eclectic performance to Los Angeles with headline gig at the Wiltern on Thursday, Sept. 2. Coming along for the ride as the opening act are NuFolk Rebel Alliance. Tickets to Gogol Bordello at the Wiltern are priced at $29-$35 and available for you to swipe up!



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Aint no show like a Gogol show! The last time we caught the band live at the Fonda — it was legit fire! The wait was not long and Eugene Hütz, frontman of Gogol Bordello began the show like a storm.  The mosh pit and crowd surfing went hand-in-hand with the crowd singing along to the band’s material from their latest album Seekers and Finders … The excitement was off the hook when they reached classic “Start Wearing Purple” and to top it off Gypsy Punk King Eugene had to crowd surf on top of a drum! Members of Lucky Chops joined Gogol Bordello lighting up the stage together. Throughout the night there was storytelling, skills on deck and the kind of energy that you had to experience live. Read more from this experience!

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