Mini Trees Releases New Single “Moments in Between,” a Simple Musing on the Nature of Life

photo credit: Danielle Parsons

With a debut album on the horizon, Southern California based artist Mini Trees gives fans a final sneak peak into upcoming release with the single “Moments in Between.” Bright, airy and with a hint of nostalgia, Mini Trees takes feelings of uncertainty and turns them inside out to reflect on moments of peace before taking a step forward.

“I wrote ‘Moments in Between’ out of a place of uncertainty and dread when the world started to shut down last March, but the song itself takes place in this dreamy state where I reflect on peaceful memories from my past and longingly look ahead to the future,” says Mini Trees. “Writing the song served as a reminder to myself that I’ve been in the midst of trying periods before and made it through, so why not again this time?”


Mini Trees’ debut album, Always in Motion, drops Sept. 17 and features her previously released singles Cracks In The Pavement,”  “Spring” and “Carrying On.” Soft and introspective, her debut collection is filled with relatable indie-pop tunes that focus on the anxiety that can arise from life’s uncertainty. While Mini Trees seeks some sort of conclusion to her growing pains, she eventually finds acceptance in realizing that some things in life have no definitive answers.

“Over the course of the album I teeter-totter between having questions and wanting answers, but the resolution is to be okay with not knowing,” she notes. “I think I do find some acceptance along the way, but the album purposefully concludes with no real resolution.”

In addition to releasing her debut LP, Mini Trees has also extended her US tour that includes a stop in L.A., with supporting act A.O. Gerber, on Sept. 30 at the Moroccan Lounge.


Mini Trees, the solo project of Lexi Vega is a musical project that takes a lot of inspiration and spark from Vega’s own life. Dealing with difficult and confusing experiences, from not fitting in as a Cuban-Japanese American in the mostly white suburbs of her childhood to the death of her father, who took his own life when Vega was just 5 years old, Vega’s Mini Trees project gives her the space to process past traumas and grow. First drumming in various bands before transitioning to writing and recording her own music, the road Mini Trees walks is one of quiet conviction and self-exploration.

For more on Mini Trees, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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