Angélica Garcia Transforms Classic Ranchera Song Into An Electronic Oasis With New Single “Malagueña”

Angélica Garcia Transforms Classic Ranchera Song Into An Electronic Oasis With New Single “Malagueña”
Credit: Myles Katherine

Musician Angélica Garcia has released a brand new single, “Malagueña” a multi-layered tune with a rush of cascading electronic sounds and vocal interludes that pour over each other and rumble out into the atmosphere. The new song is the first off of Garcia’s upcoming EP, titled Echo Eléctrico. Drawing from the music she heard playing in her household growing up, the new EP will be a series of classic Ranchera music, reimagined in the eclectic and avant-garde mind of this multicultural musician.


“This is a passion of mine that I have been wanting to do for a long time,” notes Garcia in an Instagram post announcing her new project. “An interpretation of traditional Mexican ranchera songs through my looper and other electronic medium. For years I have heard these songs echo. Sung by great voices ringing through space and time — emoting pain and pride in their release. I tap into them when I want to understand my humanity.”

With an easy to recognize sound and hard to pin down style, Garcia sends the classic tune through an electric strainer and stretches out her voice over elaborate loops to completely reinvent its musical structure. Still, Garcia incorporates classic Ranchera singing techniques — such as hitting those iconic high notes — as she adds layer upon layer of vocal texture.

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Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley before moving with he mom and stepdad to Accomac, VA — Garcia now lives in Richmond, VA. The contrast of the two coasts and Garcia’s own cultural roots (Mexican and Salvadoran), have all helped to shape her artist’s perspective and create a vision for Garcia to explore, celebrate and merge all the elements of her life and background through music.

Along with a new EP, Garcia will be playing at Gold-Diggers in Los Angeles on Oct. 13 with Shy Lennonx and will appear at the Levitation Music Festival in Austin, TX at the end of October.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Angélica Garcia, make sure to visit her website, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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