Photo by Caitlyn Krone

In the video for her new single “JÍCAMA”, Angelica Garcia stands with a Mexican flag draped around her shoulders and offers up a lucid command: Wear your roots. A defiant stance in today’s climate of xenophobic attempts to erase immigrant and minority identities woven into American history and culture, Garcia wears the pride she has for her identity quite literally on her shoulder.

Originally from the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles, Garcia is now based in Richmond, VA where she’s begun to embody the very melting-pot of cultures she finds herself advocating for. From southern rock to reggaeton, the singer has no issue experimenting in the interwoven sounds of different cultures she’s surrounded by. “JÍCAMA” of course highlights her Latinx roots, using two of the most powerful tools any culture has–music and food–to empower itself.

“This song is about not being seen for having a dual identity. When you don’t feel seen, you don’t feel accepted for who you are. In my case, I’m American, but I am also Mexican & Salvadoran because of my family blood. Though people often don’t know where to put me, I proudly wear both sides of my identity. The U.S. is a country made up of people from other countries. This song and video are a love letter to kids who grew up embracing two worlds just like me.” Garcia adds, “Seems like many people in power are concerned with preserving some sort of ideal American identity— but our identity as a country is complex. Accepting and enforcing just one perspective is often just a guise for racism and xenophobia. To knock my family and I down for our Latinx roots is to knock down all of America’s history. Like you I was born in this country.”

Watch the video for Angelica Garcia’s new single “JÍCAMA” below!


Angelica Garcia will be playing a show at Gold Diggers in Los Angeles on October 2. The artist has also launched a “Wear Your Roots” charity with all proceeds from shirts and posters benefitting organizations like ¡MIRA!, Annunciation House, and Immigrant Families Together to support migrant families in the U.S.

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Angelica Garcia tour:
10/02 – Los Angeles, CA – Gold Diggers
10/07 – New York, NY – The Bowery Electric
10/24 – London, UK – The Lexington