Asiahn Releases Sultry New R&B Single “Fall Back”

ASIAHN Releases Sultry New R&B Single “Fall Back”

R&B singer/songwriter Asiahn lays down the simple desires of her romantic endeavors with her sultry new single “Fall Back.” The new tune is a smooth and soulful confession for a no strings attached mindset as opposed to complicating the situation too early with a relationship. Acknowledging that her love interest wants to make things more official, Asiahn notes she just wants to drive him crazy and see where that goes without trying to put labels on it too soon. She lays down her thoughts tactfully though, not jaded or scolding, rather inviting and warm. Luscious vocals drape sensually over caressing instrumentals that features many dazzling instrumentals and electronic sounds, with a smoking saxophone that weaves in and out.

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Playful and honest, “Fall Back” sees Asiahn taking control of her romantic life to get exactly what she wants as she spells out why she’s not ready or wanting for more, though her strong feelings may very well lead her to the thing she’s presently hesitant on.

“The story behind the song is, well, true,” notes Asiahn. “I know we’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to get to know someone casually. Then, of course, she falls in love anyways. It’s a song telling that person to ‘fall back, you doing too much.’ Let’s just get to know each other and see if getting serious is even something we want to do.”

Released via Since the 80s / Motown Records, the song was written in just 15 minutes by Asiahn and producer Dreek Beatz. Instead of just releasing a normal music video for “Fall Back,” Asiahn has teamed up with Verizon, Capitol Music Group and Motown Records collaborative Emerging Tech and Emerging Artist Series to bring fans a new Asiahn app and Augmented Reality (AR) experience. As the music video plays on fans’ TVs or laptops, they can toggle between an ambient AR experience that plays in sync with the video and a volumetric capture (360-degree capture) of Asiahn dancing to her song in their room via the Asiahn app, available September 29th on the Google Play and Apple app stores.


Asiahn’s immersive music video and app is the second installment in the Emerging Tech and Emerging Artist Series that began earlier this year as a way to reconnect artists with fans, engaging them digitally and in person as artists and fans return to in-person concerts, via 5G and multi-access edge computing technology.

Along with a new single and immersive visual experience, Asiahn has also landed a role in Netflix’s animated series, Karma’s World, created by Ludacris. The R&B singer will be voicing the title character in the series in which a girl finds her voice and figures out how to use it to help the world. With a well-received EP that dropped earlier this year and a fruitful future ahead, Asiahn is primed to keep growing as a thoughtful, confident artist.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Asiahn, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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