Behind-the-scenes indie-hero Joel Jerome shares heartaching new single “When You Land”

Joel Jerome

Joel Jerome, the behind-the-scenes mentor, producer, and engineer of many a burgeoning indie band, has finally announced his next project with the release of his new single “When You Land.” The song is a lilting, acoustic-led ballad, one that tumbles between strums, plucks, and Jerome’s own delicate musings about the colossal undertaking loving someone can be. “I don’t wanna wait forever / But I will try,” he offers brokenly, and there’s even a bit of an eerie evocation of Fleet Foxes‘-esque with its haunting tones and Jerome’s sonorous crooning.


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Jerome wields both a poignant agony and an admirable devotion on “When You Land,” charting apprehensively the course of his love with someone who is either not ready to fully devote themselves to someone or are unable to even love themselves. It’s a terrible catch-22, one you need a potent amount of faith or delusion to survive — but Jerome sees to find hope at the center of his strife: to find unconditional love, you first have to love someone unconditionally.

“‘When You Land’ is about waiting for someone to come back from a dark place,” Jerome said of the single. “Questioning your stamina in doing so. Hanging on to hope even though you know it may be pointless. Ultimately it’s about the tender torture of unconditional love.”


Keep an eye out for Joel Jerome’s upcoming album with Dangerbird Records in 2022! Visit Joel Jerome’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Joel Jerome’s new single “When You Land” below!

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