LACES reaffirms a love she discovered in her youth on new single "Girlfriend"

Los Angeles artist LACES has shared a new single with the release of “Girlfriend,” a shimmering-vibrant pop roller and affirmation of self-acceptance. Between the lush pulse of the song’s dual piano and drum-beat-driven medley, LACES lets her riveting croon retell all the love and passion she discovered that she had to give in her teens. On “Girlfriend,” LACES once again has revealed herself a provider of endlessly original pop-hooks that are so elegantly bathed in her warm honesty.

With a knack for taking the more painful parts of identity and laying them bare in her music, LACES emotional output in her music is matched only by the diversity of her musical projects. Under her legal name as Jessica Vaughn, she writes and produces music for everything from Hasbro cartoons like Jems & the Holograms, Baby Alive, Littlest Pet Shop, Equestria Girls, and more, and has secured placements on series and specials on the CW, Netflix, ABC, and others, as well as films.

Before LACES she was Charlotte Sometimes, signing to Geffen Records at just 18-years-old and heading towards an enlightening but tumultuous and meteoric rise to stardom. Burnt out and her mental health struggling, LACES faced exhausting press schedules, a twenty-seven show run, and endless nights at Motel 6s — all of it culminating in the trauma of an assault one night that left her feeling even more alienated from management and an industry that belittled her experiences.

After performing on the The Voice as Charlotte one last time, she let go of the persona in search of a fresh start as LACES. That new beginning is self-evident on “Girlfriend,” as LACES takes a firm hold of her youth and ecstatically gives her recollection of a time that gave her confidence in her love — both the love she has to give to others and to herself.

“I wrote ‘Girlfriend’ as a celebration of who I am,” LACES said of the single. “As a treatise on how I love, and to give myself a chance to reflect on those teenage years that created the confident bi-sexual badass that I am today.”

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Listen to LACES’ new single “Girlfriend” below!