Bed Scene share jittery new anthem on single/video “It Feels Better”

Bed Scene
Photo by Alba Rubio

Miami-based Bed Scene has shared a new single/video for the vibrant and breezy anthem “It Feels Better.” Powered by the four-piece’s kinetically effervescent and euphoric pop-rock sonics, the song is a rollicking about the anxieties that come with adulthood and moving to the big city. Led by Nick Aponte (guitar and lead vocalist) and his sunshine-glow of a croon, rounded out by Michelle Reinkopf (bass, backing vocals), Andrew Burt (keyboards), and Danny Portal (drums), their latest release is an undeniably jittery endorphin rush.

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The music video for the song, directed by LOPEZ (@directedbylopez), captures all the brisk and buoyant spirit of the single. Filmed around Miami beach under the sunshine and palms, the video sees the band jamming out against the picturesque blue waters of their hometown and rolling breezily by on roller skates. Ending with a string of polaroid photos of the band, the video for “It Feels Better” perfectly captures the ecstasy that comes with being with the people you love, carefree and enjoying life — and good music.

“It Feels Better” follows the release of “American Dream” last year, a lush electronica-rock track with unbelievably groovy hooks. Bed Scene started as the solo endeavor of Aponte, who drew initial inspiration from his work as a jingle writer and released the act’s self-titled EP in 2018. Those six songs uncover a virulently colorful spring of joyous indie-pop textures that Aponte has a seemingly endless supply of.

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A second EP followed in 2020 in the form of Dulcinea, a collection of songs inspired by 1980s Spanish ballads and sublime lo-fi that served as a deeper exploration of the Aponte’s Hispanic-American heritage. It was after Dulcinea that he rounded out the band’s lineup, releasing a string of singles the last few years like “Vile” and “Honeymoon” that have further expanded Bed Scene’s knack for crafting effective pop hooks.

Visit Bed Scene’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for Bed Scene’s new single “It Feels Better” below!

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