The Songery has unveiled an experimental new project just in time for all those reluctant to let go of Halloween season with the release of their spooky vibes EP. Inspired and created while streaming on Twitch, the six-track EP is a collection of eerie loops and improvised songs that Alexandria Leon, the creative mind behind The Songery, pieced together like a jig-saw puzzle to create spooky vibes. What began as an off-the-cuff experiment eventually turned into am intense, week-long endeavor — but the result is a truly entrancing experience.

From the opening moments on “I’m losing my mind.” where a crescendo of distorted strings and vocals contort themselves arounda truly haunting medley, the EP makes good on its promise for “spooky vibes.” It also showcases The Songery’s ear for divining the tones and textures of her affecting music from the strangest of sources as “Skeleton Throne” features the contorted sounds of her dog Milton snoring on the track, coupled with erratic percussion taps and jangling that give it an almost ritual-esque feel. While the EP’s final two tracks, the feel-good and warming “Pumpkin Pie” and the dirge-like outro “Ghouls & Ravens,” were both recorded and pulled directly from her Twitch stream. And standout songs “Clowns” and “Vampire” build on her use of loops (courtesy her new Boss RC-505 looper), the latter being a truly indelible collision of the entire EP’s raw production feel and The Songery’s acrobatic vocals.

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Listen to Songery’s spooky vibes EP below!