Los Angeles Band Mediocre Shares Gritty New Single “Mattress Bitch”

Los Angeles Band Mediocre Shares Gritty New Single “Mattress Bitch”

Releasing their third single off Dangerbird Records Microdose Series, Los Angeles duo Mediocre share “Mattress Bitch,” a biting, sardonic tune delivered with wit and just the right amount of self deprecation. Kicking off with a crunchy guitar riff and bouncy bass line, the song immediately feels like a classic 90s alt-rock song, and cementing the sound are lead singer and guitarist Piper Torrison’s vocals that strike the perfect deadpan tone for lyrics that make out of the box and quirky euphemisms that are equal parts tongue in cheek and cheeky. All in all, Mediocre’s new single packs a dynamic punch, playing with form and setting up sarcastic and clever lyrical word games.


The music video for the single strikes an even more ironic tone, showcasing the band in various styles of clothing and delivering the lyrics almost theatrically.

Mediocre’s previous two singles, “Give In” and “Waiting for Your Heart” are just as precocious, albeit slightly more serious than “Mattress Bitch.” All three music videos for the singles were directed by Martin. The band also notes their latest single is a signal for the direction they want to explore.

The creation of high school friends turned bandmates, Mediocre is made up of Torrison and Keely Martin, both multi-instrumentalists. The band has spent the better part of the last half decade honing their sound and growing from the playful self-teasing of their first show, telling the audience, “hey, we’re Mediocre!” While the band is still young, they have developed a distinct style with a sharp and satirical attitude.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

Watch Mediocre’s New Video for “Mattress Bitch”

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