Artistic Director and dancer Maria Bermudez

Coming to the LA Phil on Saturday, Nov. 27 is a celebration of flamenco dance and music, led by Flamenco artist and dancer Maria Bermudez. Spain’s Fiesta de la Bulería, one of the most well known festivals for flamenco, comes to Los Angeles featuring 15 world renowned performers — dancers, singers and musicians — all born in the birthplace of flamenco, Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia.

With artistic director and dancer Bermudez leading the program, the show includes performances by dancer extraordinaire Joaquín Grilo; powerful singers Jesús Méndez, Remedios Amaya, Pelé De los Reyes (Navajita Plateá), and Antonio Malena; master guitarists, Diego Del Morao, Antonio Rey, and Manuel Parrilla; and violinist Bernardo Parrilla. This international lineup is the first of its kind to perform at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Like the art form itself, flamenco has a long, complicated and intricately woven history from its origins to how it has been perceived in Spain throughout the decades. The Fiesta de la Bulería was first established in 1967 by Juan de la Plata, who at the time was the Chair of Flamencology and Andalusian Folk Studies. It is is a celebration of the birthplace of flamenco and is named after the most famous palo of the region (bulerías). Bringing this richly cultural event to Los Angeles is a one of a kind opportunity for anyone who appreciates the art form of passionate human expression.

Tickets for the LA Phil’s Fiesta de la Bulería are still available here.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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