Fawns of Love

With all the lucidity and wonder of a daydream, Innocence of Protection drifts from the creative duo behind Fawns of Love as their enthralling third album. Jenny and Joseph Andreotti, furnished with the dreamy echoes of Moog synthesizers and Eastwood guitars, have pieced together a stunning eight-track journey through their deepest admiration for the likes of Cocteau Twins, The Pastels, and New Order. Layered with glowing accumulations of shimmering guitar tones and Jenny’s own gleaming cries, Innocence of Protection is an irradiating daydream. 

From its opening title track, a stellar nod to their Cocteau Twins heavy sentiments, to the buzzing electronica of outro “Suburban Waves,” the duo energize and nurture this momentous sensation that courses throughout the album. “Waiting for Dali’s Car,” with its effervescent blasts of synths and surging melodics, points to another of the duo’s instrumental inspirations in the 80’s outfit Dalis Car. On “In Between Maddening,” concussive percussion pummel the track’s soundscape, while Jenny’s sublime croons fill the spaces between their drops with an ethereal melancholy; with “Memory Triggers” delivering its mantra of empathy via an expulsion of trance-inducing rhythms and beats.

Like being caught on the cusp of the warped manifestations of a dream and the woozy familiarity of reality, Fawns of Love elegantly traverse the illusory on Innocence of Protection, offering up a transcendent exalting of the music that most influenced them as a band and an album that captivates alongside them. 

“I think when we are children we use make believe as a creative outlet,” Jenny said of the album. “But as we get older we use daydreaming as a tool of protection when we feel overwhelmed and as a way to have control over something. For this album I liked the idea of recreating what it feels like to float in and out of daydreaming and reality.”

Fawns of Love will be hosting a listening party for their new album Innocence of Protection on December 4, at 10 a.m. PT. with a Q&A afterwards. Visit Fawns of Love’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements.

Listen to Fawns of Love’s new album Innocence of Protection below!