The Linda Lindas Drop Biting New Single “Nino” All About Band Mate’s Feisty Cat
Photo Credit: Sandy Kim

Taking inspiration from a four-legged friend, L.A. based band The Linda Lindas have dropped a new single, “Nino,” a guitar laced tune about a feisty cat owned by band mate Bela (guitar and vocals). Simple, yet raw and rebel rousing, “Nino” pairs sparse and straightforward lyrics with heavy punk instrumentals. The fast paced single isn’t exactly thought provoking, but it does make you want to think about getting a badass cat.

“Nino” regales listeners with the silly antics Bela’s cat frequently gets into from killing mice in the night to being sweet during the day. While this single focuses on Nino, The Linda Lindas new song is also partially fueled by the fact that the band has previously released a song, “Monica,” chronicling the endeavors of Bela’s other cat. Both singles are playful, descriptive and highly fun to listen to.

This time around, the band also pairs their feline focused single with an animated music video to encapsulate the wacky and lively tune. In the illustration, done by Rob Fidel, psychedelic backgrounds with vibrant colors transition from frame to frame as an animated Nino walks around, chasing mice, shaking hands/paws and even pretending to box. The band themselves make an animated cameo as they ride atop a giant Nino.

”Nino” was taken off The Linda Lindas forthcoming 2022 studio release and follows the band’s popular singles “Racist, Sexist Boy,” and  “Oh!,” the latter was featured in a trailer for Netflix’s “The Chair.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

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