2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Artists To Watch featuring Hana Vu
Photo by Jing Feng

With the release of her new album Public Storage, music artist and songwriter Hana Vu ended 2021 on an electrifying high note. Armed with disarmingly dexterous vocals and an incisive ability for extracting life’s poetic wonder, Vu pools her engrossing lyricism around a vibrant and ever-shifting soundscape. From the twinkling, dreamily melancholic “April Fool,” to the dizzying disco somersaults on “Aubade” and grungey-gloam of the heavy “Gutter,” every one of the album’s twelve-tracks unpacks another cosmos of sound and emotion as blissful and potent as the last. While the buoyant and jaunty rhythms of “Everybody’s Birthday” and the folksy crooner “Maker” are among the many songs on Public Storage that reveal Vu as both unbound to any one genre.

At 21-years-old Vu has found herself pulled and pushed towards a never-ending onslaught of music’s different varietals. Picking up the guitar at 16, she was a student of Los Angeles’ morning radio stations like ALT 98.7 and soon started navigating the local DIY scene that was filled with surf rock / punk acts. Vu gleefully dived in but also tempered it with what she was listening to at home which included St. Vincent to Sufjan Stevens. The evolution of her sound and its continuous budding can be tracked on her earlier releases, like 2018s How Many Times Have You Driven By and the double EP Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway, two seminal collections that see Vu conquering incredibly original collisions of pop and rock. Not to mention an incredible cover of “Reflections” from Mulan.

With a few dates slated for 2022 including one in L.A. you’d be remiss to miss out on a chance to catch Hana Vu before she continues on with her meteoric rise as one of the definitive sounds of the future. There’s just something instantly iconic about her — emblematic of the many comparisons to Stevie Knicks, Kate Bush, and Annie Lennox she’s garnered — but Vu is all at once in a category of her own.

Hana Vu will be playing a handful of dates this month with a stop at the Morocca Lounge in Los Angeles on January 27. Visit Hana Vu’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements. Follow her on Spotify.