2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists to Watch featuring Esty

2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists to Watch featuring Esty

Los Angeles phenomenon Esty learned fairly quickly into her budding career as a musician that authenticity and being truthful to herself were central to her self-expression. A first-generation Dominican-American, Esty started releasing music as early as 2013 all the way through 2017 in the form of a handful of singles and a debut EP with Darkroom. Although Esty garnered attention from critics and fans alike, the music she was making at the time never felt wholly herself and it wasn’t until 2019 that she returned rejuvenated. 

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From the release of her first single that year in “Mantequilla,” Esty signaled a tectonic shift in her sound, artistry, and the very soul of her music. The futuristic beats on her Transform EP further launched Esty’s use of Spanish into her previously English-dominant lyrics. While recent singles like “Holy Ghost $$$” and “7heaven” reveal her love of the spacey but concussive soundscapes she loves to haunt. She also collaborated with Brazilian-Dominican artist Jarina de Marco to create the lush pop piece “Pare De Sufrir,” which offered up a kawaii daydream of visuals that Esty has found expression in.

With the unveiling of her newest single, the vibrant bop “Home,” Esty is apparently not done with her streak of hits. The music video that joins the song brings to life once more the vivid imaginations of Esty as she rollerskates inside her illustrious bedroom. Now more sure of herself than ever before, secure in the knowledge that a little soul-searching has gone a long way for her as an artist, Esty is better poised than ever to make some seriously big splashes in 2022.

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Visit Esty’s Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements. Follow her on Spotify.

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