Kendall Amon sings of a tender budding romance on new single”Falling In Love”

Kendall Amon sings of a tender budding romance on new single"Falling In Love"

Los Angeles’ Kendall Amon continues to prove herself as a powerfully affecting singer/songwriter. And her latest single “Falling In Love” is the latest in a string of stunning pop ballads that showcase Amon’s enrapturing vocals and lyricism. Against the solitary lull of a piano key, the song grows out of nothing into a gushing outpouring of lush melodic and a heady love.


The song — inspired after the artist binged a popular Netflix series — tells of a swelling romance held aloft by Amon’s shining trill. But not just any romance, “Falling In Love” finds its budding love hidden in its own unlikely place: within a friend. It’s a tale as old as time, which is why Amon felt so captivated by it.

The lyric video for “Falling In Love” captures that narrative beautifully. Directed by Shannon Stegar the video silently follows Amon and a friend (Ryan Ricks) as their two characters start to realize their affections for one another love the course of a romantic romp around Los Angeles. And the soundtrack to this sweet beginning? You couldn’t ask for a more tender love song than “Falling In Love.” But Amon’s new single, and her music in general, has been featured in more than just this film.


“Falling In Love” is one of four songs by Amon that have become the soundtrack to the movie “Ten Truths About Love,” which stars Camilla Belle and was released this Valentine’s Day weekend. The next song to be released by Amon will come in the form of “Let’s Be Honest” on February 17, with the other tracks “use me,” “Hurt Me Less,” and “(1) Missed Call” coming soon.

The experience of releasing music alongside the film was something Amon described as the “perfect push” for her to start sharing her music. A singer and pianist since her childhood, Amon now views music as a means to finding a bit of courage in being more open. That it’s less about people liking your music and more about them connecting with it.

“‘Falling In Love’ is the first song I’ve written with a happy ending,” Amon said of the single. “Although I love a good romance book/movie, a lot of my songs are about the darker side of love. I wanted to challenge myself and write something that showed a more optimistic side. The song was inspired by a tv show I binged during the pandemic (Bridgerton), not a personal experience with love that tells the evolution of a friendship into a romantic relationship, a popular trope in pop culture.”

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Watch the lyric video for Kendall Amon’s new single “Falling In Love”

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