Carmen Jane returns with a haunting and fierce on "Blame You"

As deliriously captivating as ever, Carmen Jane has returned with a new single/video for her haunting dark pop piece “Blame You.” It’s the first music she’s released since last year when Carmen Jane debuted her holiday-themed I Guess It’s the Season EP. But “Blame You” is anything but and instead sees the singer/songwriter return to the spacey, discordant, and incredibly momentous tones and textures of her first string of singles.

Atop buoyant bass and ecstatic rushes of electronica, the sonics of “Blame You” alone is flooring. But of course, the most enigmatic piece of the single is Jane’s own vocals, which cut deep whether they’re given in a hoarse whisper or calamitous howl.

The music video for “Blame You,” created by Jane in collaboration with Factory Town, emblazons the song’s intense themes of anger and shame. Each stunning visual from the video imagines the kind of finger-pointing that goes on when we blame others. But the song also looks inward, with one scene showing Jane tied at the hair to the person she’s presumably laying the blame on. At its core “Blame You” is a fiery reminder that we can’t just wield our anger without consequence when we’ve been wronged and that some responsibility on our part is required.

Since 2020 Jane has bewitched countless listeners with her cavernous soundscapes and stunning vocals. Her first single “Your Madness” remains one of her most blindsiding with its stripped-down production and the spotlight burning solely on her stratospheric wails. There’s an effortlessness with which Jane hefts the intense and ardently vulnerable words that float and soar in her songs. From the rhapsodic bliss of “Fun” to the anguished and anthemic “Numb,” whatever emotion Jane channels in her songs she becomes a lightning rod for.

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“The stark reality that oftentimes you are tied to the blame you so desperately want to place on someone or something else. It’s innate to us as humans to feel as though we don’t share in the responsibility of being wronged,” Jane said of the single. “Our selfish desire allows us only to see what the other has done, creating a dirt like substance that runs through our veins clogging our thoughts and ability to see past anything but the perceived harm. The video shows both sides. The struggle between oneself and the struggle between two humans who most certainly don’t always get it right.”

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Watch the music video for Carmen Jane’s new single “Blame You”