With an eclectic arrangement of pop, indie, electro and sometimes hip-hop, Brooklyn based artist Elliot Lee captures a sense of manic acceptance of the self, amplifying the things that make them unique and giving a voice to all the ones who don’t fit in. Highlighting the ever changing proclivities that others often don’t see, Elliot Lee’s honest and evolving music resonates with so called misfits, making it a little less lonely for others like them and everyone else in between.

Elliot Lee’s new single ”Airplanes,” featuring Letdown, delves into mental health and the specific fear of flying. Soaring above the anxieties and apprehensions that make one wary of anything out of their control, Lee juxtaposes their own personal conviction with specific uncertainties that often creep up in their mind. With Letdown’s feature, Lee enlists another voice to capture the sense of helplessness when faced with the growing anxieties that spiral in one’s head.

Musically the single races between genres until everything sort of blurs together in an upbeat, pop-laced uproar. Ever bold, Lee punctuates their new single with their signature, head-spinning delivery, matching the lyrics with a melody that ebbs and flows with an unpredictability. This constant change of pace only makes “Airplanes” all the more enjoyable.

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Also, noting that their personality and philosophy of life can shift from moment to moment, and sometimes the battle between left and right brain seems constant and endless, Lee always holds onto the fact that they are exactly who they’re meant to be, and that they have the power to re-shape their own world.

Taking on the role of facilitator for others, but never acting as anything other than themself, Lee’s music creates a space to talk about and be anything other than perfect. Stepping outside of what society calls ”normal,” Lee replaces the polishing of one’s life on social media for being open and raw; an openness that has amassed a fervent and diverse fanbase, dubbed the Bubblegum Army.

Regardless of what Lee is touching on with their music, they exhibit a diligent sense of understanding that their music is a way to connect people who otherwise might feel disjointed. Unhinged, but never unaware, Lee’s approach to living and making music denotes a sense of self-sufficiency and self-creation, taking what many perceive as ”flaws” to reveal them as diamonds that only get stronger under pressure.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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