Beyond LA: Mairaly’s Debut Single ”Cruisin” Turns Professional Woes into Musical Empowerment

Out with her debut single, Puerto Rican-based, Afro Dominican artist Mairaly’s ”Cruisin” is all about that pivotal moment when you realize the B.S. of a situation is not worth your time. Pulling from classic R&B vibes and distinctly Latin sounds, Mairaly delivers a silky smooth melody that is both effortless and hard to ignore.


Despite the heartbreak of being cheated, ”Cruisin” is a turning point for Mairaly, who steps away from acting after she was pushed out of a tv series role for another actress who was chosen because she had an appearance that production seemed to like better.

Getting past the frustration of having the role pulled from her based on optics and not talent, Mairaly took to writing out her feelings, showing her work to friend and fellow artist Marc Jonnz, who helped her finish the song. From professional heartbreak to general heartache, the song takes Mairaly’s experience and opens it up to being a song about being replaced and lied to.

The Mars Volta

“When I really think about it, I think the Mairaly in the “Cruisin world” video would probably be listening to ‘Say My Name’ by Destinys Child on her way to confront this guy,” Mairaly notes.

On “Cruisin,” Mairaly worked with Puerto Rican Producer Josue Oquendo who carefully helped her craft a single reflective of the future body of work that is yet to come. With strong vocals and lyrics in English and Spanish, Mairaly, who spent her childhood in the Bronxy before moving to Puerto Rico in her teens, encompasses in her debut track, the breadth of her rich background to build a solid musical foundation that will continue to reflect her diversity.


Before transitioning to writing original music, Mairaly amassed a fan group on social media, singing covers on her YouTube channel and creating detailed hair and beauty tutorials.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Mairaly, make sure to follow her on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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