Diane Coffee’s New Single “Forecast feat. Deep Sea Diver” is an Upbeat, Romantic Disaster

Photo credit: Cara Robbins

On the heels of a new album, Diane Coffee sets the stage with the release of their new single, “Forecast (feat. Deep Sea Diver).” The witty, biting new single is all about a passionate, but messy relationship that never seems to go anywhere while also never fully ending either.


Like a washing machine eternally spinning, “Forecast” focuses on two people caught in a volatile pattern where emotions churn, cycles repeat and colors fade with each passing rotation. Diane Coffee’s Shaun Fleming took inspiration from a past relationship to pen this vivid and highly accurate portrayal of a couple not meant to be.

“For almost 15 years I had this ‘on again, off again’ relationship,” notes Fleming. “It was always very hot, very intense, and always ended very badly. But no matter how awful the ending, how bad we knew we were for each other, we somehow always found ourselves being pulled back into it. I think deep down we loved the chaos, the crazy. We were the definition of a ‘fatal attraction.’” 

Musically, the single creates a juxtaposition to the lyrics, using an upbeat pop melody and bright and shiny folk-rock-like instrumentals to brighten up what is honestly a romantic disaster. The aloof and lofty melody makes it all too easy to bob your head along to before realizing how catastrophic the lyrics actually are.


Paired with a tongue-in-cheek music video (directed by Vince Patrick and Melinda Fleming), Fleming takes their song’s theme even further by cheerfully singing the lyrics as they go through different house party scenarios. Finding the perfect tone of obliviousness, Fleming keeps a cheesy smile even when moments become painful or awkward, and the entire experience is a great example of someone ignoring reality for a fleeting moment of gratification.

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Diane Coffee’s new album, With People, is set to drop April 29 via Polyvinyl Record Co and produced by Jonathan Radio (Foxygen, Weyes Blood, The Killers). The next chapter in Fleming’s embarkment as Diane Coffee sees the musician and former child voice actor looking back at their upbringing as they prepare to look out into the future. In addition to their new album, Diane Coffee will also be playing at the Moroccan Lounge in downtown L.A. for a two night stint, May 19-20. Tickets are available now.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Diane Coffee, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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