Jenna Lotti Sheds Light on the Many Multitudes of Womanhood with New Single ”To A Man”

Jenna Lotti Sheds Light on the Many Multitudes of Womanhood with New Single ”To A Man”

Capturing the infinite depths of womanhood, singer/songwriter Jenna Lotti pens the soft, yet fiercely independent new single ”To A Man.” With cascading guitar strums, a subtly pop backbeat and raw lyrics, Lotti reflects a vision of what a society says a woman should be, and then shatters it to reveal the many multitudes that actually encompass the feminine experience.

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Powerful, yet vulnerable, Lotti’s vocals ride the waves of stripped down instrumentals as she lets each word land with a gentle thud. Her lyrics call out a double standard for men and women and the perpetuated stereotype that if women aren’t perfect in everything they do, then they aren’t doing enough.

“I wrote this song about the outdated gender assumptions placed on women,” notes Lotti. “The pressure to become a wife and a mother by age 30. To immediately ‘bounce back’ after having a baby. The idea that when you turn 30 you’re ‘old.’ On the other hand, men are applauded for just taking their baby out alone, they get more attractive as they age, and they get paid more. The unrealistic expectations that are said to women would never be said to men.”

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Cradling her message in a quick, but poignant wrapping, ”To A Man” comes and goes without any expectations (contrary to the many expectations placed upon women). Rather, Lotti releases her pearl of wisdom and creates an archetype instead of an opposition. She makes more room for women to be all that they are, without judgement and regardless of what others think or say.

Lotti, a new mom and musician among other things, has gone from writing poetry as a teenager as a way to deal with her emotions, to writing music that resonates with all who are seeking to live honestly, cohesively and altruistically.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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