Hana Vu Releases Haunting New EP “Parking Lot” — LA headline gig at Moroccan Lounge

Photo Credit: Maria Camacho

Los Angeles-based artist Hana Vu drops her latest EP, Parking Lot (out via Ghostly), a slow spinning, haunting collection of six tracks slated to chill you straight to the bone. Featuring two new singles and four live versions of previously released songs, the EP follows last year’s full-length release from Vu, Public Storage.


Parking Lot captures more than a sense of angst or waywardness. Rather, it delves effortlessly into the realms of desolation, isolation and a gnawing urgency to feel something other than the dulling sense of apathy and loss. From the beginning, Vu strips away any sense of warmth, leaving the void empty and widening the gap between resolution and wandering.

”Mr. Lonely,” one of her new releases from the EP, was written partly in response to Bobby Vinton’s 1962 ballad of a homesick soldier, Vu evokes a much deeper sense of anguish, noting, ”I thought that the sentiments of the original song were almost pathetic when put into today’s context.”


Live versions on the EP include ”Maker,” a striking single that sparks deep seeded invocations in the listener and shows off the intimacy and quality of Vu’s vocals.

Weaving together previously released tracks with new tunes, the EP acts as a bridge between Vu’s journey thus far and the steps she has yet to take. It also shows off the potency of Vu’s work reinvigorated on stage.

“It feels good to breathe some extra life into the record,” Vu adds. “It was very daunting to try and make the live versions work because the production of Public Storage was created in lockdown, so I wasn’t thinking much about the live aspects. But I welcome all challenges as that is the richness of life.”

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In addition to her new EP, Hana Vu will be embarking on her first North American tour with a date in Los Angeles at the The Moroccan Lounge on March 31. She will also be back later this year, playing at Pasadena’s This Ain’t No Picnic festival Aug. 27-28.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Hana Vu, make sure to visit her Bandcamp and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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