JMSEY offers-up lockdown self-love-song with new single/video “Lil’ While”

JMSEY offers-up lockdown self-love-song with new single/video "Lil' While"

Los Angeles-based JMSEY is back with another hook-laden, summer jammer with the release of his new single “Lil’ While.” Created during the lockdown and under cramped conditions at home, the new song is the preeminent quarantine love song. “Just a little space, just a little time just to get a lil wiser / Puppy love got me spring aint gonna lie to ya, I’ll take my chances on this roundabout / Or maybe I should take my time, and take a lil while,” JMSEY bounces around his musings on the ball of his feet with an unsuppressed giddiness. “Lil’ While” tries to find a balance between personal space and codependency, something plenty of people have struggled with over the last two years.


The song also puts on display JMSEY’s mix of English/American music tastes, combining in melodic clashes between pop and alt-rock variations into punchy anthems. The first half of “Lil’ While” finds exuberance in JMSEY’s hip-hop inflection and the lazy warble of guitar plucks. But halfway through it all a shouted countdown announces the switch as the multi-instrumentalist and genre-wizard lets it all combust in a rushing hammer of drums and scalding guitars.

The music video for “Lil’ While” captures JMSEY and the song’s spirit deliciously. Through its humorous little plots, from the artist juggling relationship boundaries to parking tickets, the video illustrates the anxieties of being your own person while also being committed to someone else. Not to mention that its bathroom scenes hilariously nail in a tongue-in-cheek way the realities of two people being forced to stay indoors together for extended periods of time.

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Watch the video for JMSEY’s new single “Lil’ While”

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