Premiere: Adrian Carmine Drops Heart Wrenching New Single Featuring Trish Toledo

Adrian Carmine 2022

L.A. based musician Adrian Carmine’s newest single “You Can’t Tell the Heart” is a lovelorn tale of a broken marriage. Featuring catastrophically beautiful vocals from Trish Toledo, the single tears at your heartstrings as the sad duet unfurls.

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Carmine’s new single depicts a shattered union where one person is desperate to leave while the other is desperately clinging to the broken pieces. Both individuals are unable to change how they feel, and as Carmine and Toledo take turns singing their half of the narrative, they realize nothing can be done to revive the relationship. With a slow and mournful croon, the song comes to an end, leaving the two individuals, once united, now at odds.

“You Can’t Tell the Heart” will appear on Carmine’s upcoming debut album, Alma, out later this summer via My Grito Industries. Working with Toledo on the album and this single, Carmine notes how great it was to collaborate with the powerful songstress.


With beautiful, sweeping instrumentals, ”You Can’t Tell the Heart” is a masterful work of modern West Coast Soul music perfect for cruising on a crisp evening or sitting out on your porch after a long day as you watch the sun set.

“The song has huge horns, haunting harmonies, sorrowful strings,” notes Carmine. “It needed to be a statement piece, a definite high point on the record, and when [Toledo] jumped on it, I felt we had done just that. We had something special.”

Born in the San Gabriel Valley, Adrian Carmine has cultivated a culturally rich heritage sound of West Coast Soul, infusing his lived experiences with the classic, smooth melodies of the past and mixing in other musical genres along the way.


Carmine will also be touring this spring alongside musicians Joe Bataan and Jackie Mendez. He is set to participate in the Raza de La Plaza festival held at Cesar Chavez Plaza in Sacramento on May 7, the Fox Theatre Pomona on May 20 and the Tower Theater in Fresno on May 28.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Adrian Carmine, make sure to visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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