New Arqestry Track ”Little Pleasures” Is a Reminder to Be Present and Enjoy Life

Arqestry 2022

Arqestry’s newest single, ”Little Pleasures” is a reminder to all that despite the repetitive, daily grind of life, there are still small moments and experiences that make everything worth it. Bringing forth the artistic nature within us all, it’s a track that pulls you out of the doldrums, reconnects us to each other and reminds us to be more present.


Energetic and with looping lyrics, ”Little Pleasures” pulsates with a blossoming vibrancy like flowers beaming out ultraviolet patterns to attract bees. Bright and bouncy at first, the song dives into a more rhythmic interlude with moody undertones. Distorted vocals stretch out over the instrumentals as the lyrics remind us that we should not take for granted those ”little pleasures” that can be found in almost anyone’s life. Noting that he can’t be the only one to feel this way, Arqestry binds himself to his listeners as we all essentially want to be happy.


With little electronic accents and bright synth, the song’s ebb and flow nature mirrors the mix of society’s organic and inorganic nature; we build, grow and create artificial constructs that often complicate our lives, but we can still step outside of that to see in between the perimeters we place upon ourselves.

Paired with anime style artwork created in collaboration with Ellen Bae, “Little Pleasures” is a slice of life, represented and broken down in a simple and relatable way. With its subtle depth, modern feel and blend of indie, pop, rock, psychedelic, electronica, and dance — this new tune finds itself primed for a multitude of purposes, whether getting lost in the atmosphere of a dark club, hanging out with friends or tuning out the world as you listen to it alone in your room.

Words: Patti Sanchez

Catch Arqestry live in Los Angeles on June 29 at The Goldfish in Highland Park. For more on Arqestry, make sure to visit his Bandcamp and follow him on Instagram.

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Artwork in collaboration with Ellen Bae
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