Bel mulls over opening up on new single “Cake” off her upcoming second EP “Jet Lag”

Photo by SJ Spreng

Singer/songwriter and producer Bel has unveiled a new single as she continues to get closer to the release of her highly-anticipated second EP Jet Lag. With “Cake,” the Clovis artist continues to channel her breezy amalgamations of indie pop/folk, this time as a tender confessional that tries to get at the heart of her struggle with opening up after being let down. “I wanna have a breakdown,” she coos to the song’s subdued but ebullient melody. “Without worrying about / What everyone’s gonna think.”


Channeling inspirations like Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Mazzy Star, Bel’s music sublimely mixes bedroom-pop production with jaunty rhythms and her own earnestly luminary songwriting. Like Clairo outside the bedroom or Wallice, on “Cake” Bel renders the deeply personal into something alluringly universal. After all who isn’t above identifying with such melancholia as eating cake out of the refrigerator or staying up late replaying memories of meeting someone? Bel’s struggle to keep it all in is one that’s played it in all our lives.

With the release of “Cake,” Bel has shared three singles total from her Jet Lag EP. “Big City” and “PBR” (feat. girlhouse) came earlier this year, the two songs that build on Bel’s eclectic sound that started with her debut Muscle Memory EP.


“I wrote ‘Cake’ about navigating dating again after taking a bit of time to heal. At the time, I was feeling frustrated with myself for being guarded, wishing I could just be the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve. I felt a lot of fear letting myself get excited about someone new again. It’s about those early stages of getting in your head about everything and feeling embarrassed about the silliest things.”

Listen to Bel’s new single “Cake” below!

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