Asiatica Arrive to Find Their Voice with New Single “*sigh* Nevermind”

Asiatica 2022
Photo Credit: Stephanie Smith

Asiatica, the alternative neo-soul four-piece band that originated out of a garage in Compton, CA are back with their first new single this year, “*sigh Nevermind,” a sparse but layered cosmic musing on the power we hold inside to speak up, change our perspective and gain control over ourselves in any situation.


Slow and methodical, with subtle hooks and a steady groove, ”*sigh* Nevermind” grabs ahold of you gently and turns you toward the looking glass to take full view of yourself and what you want. Its subtly accentuates on the simplicity of taking a step back to breathe, and that even though sighing off frustrations or doubts may seem easier than it actually is, the option to exhale any negativity is a powerful technique to master.

The single itself came together in a rather happenstance way, but is guided by the band’s conviction to connect musically and give it their all every time they’re making music.


“One day Fregozo, Tay, and I were at Sound City studios and Tay suggested we make something new,” notes founding band member Asia Lacy on her and her bandmates process writing the song. “He started to make a drum loop, and he asked me to add guitar to it. I was excited to make something at this legendary studio so I tried my best to play the prettiest chords and riffs I could come up with. Then Nigel played the bass on it and everything started to come together. I came up with the lyrics as I freestyled a melody on the spot. At the time, I felt very scared to speak up for myself in any situation. I felt like a coward but at the same time, I knew why. I was tired of being spoken over, having my words twisted, and being misunderstood. So I expressed the way I felt the only way I knew how. The words just poured out of me because it was something I’ve been needing to say for a long time. Stephan added his sweet keys to it and our friend Brooke Magidson added a supportive guitar line and the song finally felt like how I needed it to feel.”

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Asiatica are Asia Lacy, (lead singer), Chailatay (drummer/producer), Stephen (keys) and Nigel (bass). Together, they are primed to capitalize on the much deserved hype they’ve garnered thus far from fans and critics alike with more thoughtful, well produced tunes.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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