little luna offers up a sublime melding of music and meditation on debut EP “through the self”

little luna
Photo by Freddy Tyler Paul

On her debut EP through the self, Los Angeles singer/songwriter phenom little luna emerges as woman reborn. “Sheddin’ my skin / Versions of myself unravellin’ / Talking to the good girl I’ve been,” she trills on the breezy and buoyant opening track “last time.” As the title of the EP weightily suggests, the first steps of such a journey often lead inward. Although implementing such radical changes is sometimes easier said than done — if only because looking in the mirror isn’t always an easy task. But for little luna such introspections aren’t just familiar, they’re necessary. In fact it was during such a meditation that she discovered the titular phrase.


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“It was the answer to my question: ‘How do I share my music with the world, in a way that is authentically me?’ Loud and clear i received ‘You have to go through the self.’ The lyrics within these tracks are a journey of going through the self,” little luna said of the songs on the EP. “the searching for how to re-discover your truest self and live from that space. I’ve unlocked something within myself by going on this adventure, and my greatest hope is that you as the listener would unlock something within you, as well.”

Across the first five tracks on through the self listener’s will find a readily lush and radiant soundscape to romp with little luna. “under the wave,” a twinkling of sublime xylophone notes and soaring acoustics, is tender invitation by the artist to join in her in the depths. “Dive into my mind,” she coos dreamily before cautioning not to linger in the darkness: “It’s a wonderful world when you’re alone / If you stay there too long, sink like a stone alone.”


On “the glass,” little luna guides you by the hand through the waves. Luminous vocals tumbling confidently to the beat as she offers sagely advice that’s been earned through her own meditating: “Kids get scared of teachers / What if the teacher is yourself?” Then there’s “thief,” where little luna flips the script turning a heartbreak track into a powerful declaration. One delivered via swelling backings of drums and strings made all the more spiritous because of her effervescent cries. Even when she strips all that away, as she does on the dusty ballad “roads,” little luna’s soaring vocals and lyricism are incredibly potent.

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And to cap it all off she ends it with a track called “forest,” a twenty-five minute guided meditation that perfectly encapsulates little luna’s lofty and sincere meldings of music and meditation.

little luna will be supporting 5 Seconds of Summer for two nights at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on June 16 and 17. Visit little luna’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to little luna’s new EP through the self below!

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