Spill Tab shares new single with the blisteringly melancholic “Splinter”

Spill Tab
Spill Tab – photo by Angela Ricciardi

The opening of Spill Tab’s newest single “Splinter” paints a blue-toned and bleak image of love succumbing to the pain of sustaining it. “I’m not gonna brave the winter / And wear us thin to say we did,” she murmurs over the song’s moody-riff opening. Just before a pummeling of drums kicks the song into its rip-roaring chorus. Over the gloomy whine and grind of those heavy guitars, Spill Tab grasps at despair.


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“I’d bend barriers and virtue / To feel how I used to feel,” she cries out as blistering melancholy explodes all around her. But her overlayed vocals, which float buoyantly above the song’s clamor, somehow keep “Splinter” from being too depressing. The song also comes with a visualizer, a glitchy and shakily-shot film — reminiscent of vintage VHS tapes — that gazes at the artist as she sits kneeling with her arms wrapped around her legs.

Spill Tab — the moniker of Claire, a French-Korean-American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. She has been making waves since the release of her debut EP Bonnie. With the release of “Splinter” and her previous single “Sunburn”, it’s clear that Spill Tab is gearing up for another release, possibly a new EP. The artist has also developed a habit of collaborating with other indie creators like Gus Dapperton, marinelli and Metronomy, so our fingers are crossed for some more stellar features on future projects.


“I wanted to make something with a bit of an early 2000s rom-com end credits vibe going on,” Spill Tab said of the single. “So I made ‘Splinter’ with my friends Wyatt and Austin, who absolutely smashed it. It’s a bit depressing lyrically but I love having those visuals layered over the crunchy drums and guitars.”

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Listen to Spill Tab’s new single “Splinter” below!

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