Beyond LA: Nige Hood and Bambizilla Drop Smoking New Track ”Causualties of War”

Nige Hood 2022

Combining elements of classic hip-hop and rap, and filtering it through his own unique style, Charlotte, North Carolina-native and self-professed creator of folk rap, Nige Hood makes thought provoking and aurally layered tracks that transcend eras. His newest drop “Causualties of War,” featuring Bambizilla, is a ballsy, classic boombap sounding track that goes hard from beginning to end while mixing in a variety of sound.


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“Causualties of War” (don’t ask Hood why he spelled it that way) is a quicksilver, quick witted arch about dunking on your competition and the miles between your talent and theirs. Its humor, tone and driving beats have an unmistakable, classic swagger while Hood’s rapping is reminiscent of MF Doom and Mos Def; Bambizilla’s rapping adjacent to Eminem. Each artist finds a distinctive cadence though, that blends a progressive rapping style with their own vocal flair.

Denoting their inherent talent and weirdness, Bambizilla and Nige Hood trade killer lines as they reinterpret the roots of rap; namely the space and freedom to experiment and have fun with it.


“Thank you for the support you all, like I really feel the weirdos, alternatives and free spirits are aligning in this age,” Hood remarks on the reception of his new track. “We are so powerful and cunning. We aren’t constrained by rules. Weirdos gonna win.”

Central to Nige Hood’s folk rap style is an intimate and detailed storytelling that highlights the everyday man. Much like John Prine giving a voice to the average middle American, Hood picks up the raconteur title to shed light on the life of the people that surround him with a sound that is familiar and intrinsic to the true narratives he tells. But, not without a twist. There is a deep-seated novelty, or tongue-in-cheek tone, to Hood’s music that blends reality with comedic inventiveness. It’s a combination that’s hard to master, but so insanely good when done right.

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Whether serious or hyperbolic, “Causualties of War” and Nige Hood’s whole catalog, find the perfect balance between an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rapping mindset with an addition of some new hooks and turns.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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