Premiere: Brenda Carsey Releases New Single “Just Trying to Do My Thing” Ahead of Upcoming Album Release ‘Cognizance’

Brenda Carsey 2022
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Jazzy with little bursts of indie pop and R&B, Los Angeles based artist Brenda Carsey drops her latest single, ”Just Trying to Do My Thing,” a timeless self-affirming anthem all about believing in yourself, having conviction for your vision and maintaining an unwavering commitment to your art regardless of any uncertainty or external pressure.


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”Just Trying to Do My Thing” caresses you from beginning to end, with a lush, downtempo swaying melody driven by consistent drum beats and a playful piano. Its lyrics open up and give comfort to anyone struggling to be themselves. They also support the notion that we should all be more real and respectful of each other, because we’ve all got a truth and story to tell.

”I refuse to be fake and shady/ Smile at your face then flip you off as you walk away, baby/ I’ve got truth to share and friendship to give/ I’ve got patience and kindness,” she sings.


Like a bouquet of wildflowers, the arrangement is full of unique detail and color that all works together to highlight an innate beauty and truth that supports Brenda Carsey’s natural and holistic voice. Like the lyrics, that are candid, truthful and unrestrained, the rhythm ebbs and flows with a consistency not based entirely in structure, rather an emotional tide rooted in intuition.

A true artist, Carsey has been steeped in music from a young age, performing in choirs, orchestras, marching bands to soul, jazz, rock, pop, folk, hip hop, and electronic groups and cabaret stage shows on top of solo projects. Blending foundational music of the past with a modern polish, Carsey encompasses a beautiful mixture of authenticity and tried and true sounds.

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Brenda Carsey has also worked on many projects in partnership with Netflix (Babysitter’s Club, Better Call Saul, Tiger King The Musical), The Voice, and many more.

Her unique stage performance and engaging stage presence help translate her poetic lyrics and music into a communal, beautiful experience.

Carsey’s new single is the first off her upcoming album Cognizance. She will be at the Moroccan Lounge June 12 for her single release party (21 and over) with guest performers Jessica Gerhardt, Christina Apostolopoulos and Triona O’Neill. Tickets are $12 before the show and $20 at the door; snag tickets here.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Brenda Carsey, make sure to visit her website and Bandcamp and follow her on Instagram.

Brenda Carsey Moroccan Lounge 2022
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