Kaleena Zanders Releases Beautifully Uplifting New Single ”We’ll Stand Together”

Kaleena Zanders 2022

Hoping to spread a little good will into the world, L.A. based artist Kaleena Zanders releases her latest single ”We’ll Stand Together.” Noting on social media, that this is a song for everyone, Zanders taps into the emotional harmony of uniting hearts and minds around a common goal; supporting one another.


“[I] wanted to release some love and light into the world because honestly I’m at a loss for solutions,” notes Zanders in an Instagram post about her new single. “Uplifting songs have always been the way for me to navigate this life, and I hope you feel a sense of comfort listening to this one.”

”We’ll Stand Together” is a hybrid between a Gospel church hymn and an indie electro pop anthem. Its smooth, soulful opening is subtle, yet resounding as it leads way to a rich, full musical arrangement where Zanders’ powerful vocals drive the song’s tender and steadfast message. Promoting both resilience and compassion, Zanders’ lyrics cut through tension and strife to release a sense of release and gratitude for the experience of being human and sharing our lives with others.


Performing it for the first time on June 4 at West Hollywood’s Out Loud music festival celebrating Pride month and the LGBTQ+ community, “We’ll Stand Together” was met with warm hearts and dancing bodies as the song’s theme perfectly suits the monthlong message of inclusivity and love.

Zanders also played her first, full DJ set this year at EDC and has been featured prominently within the EDM world, collaborating with the likes of Breathe Carolina, Dropgun, Morgan Page, SNBRN, AC Slater, and Loud Luxury. With plenty more solo work to come, including the anticipated release of her debut EP EXIT/US, Kaleena Zanders is building plenty of positive momentum with her career and uplifting stance as a musician.

Words: Patti Sanchez

Next up, Aleena Zanders will head to New York on June 24 to perform a Deep Root Records ‘Deeper Love’ party. For more on Kaleena Zanders, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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