UMI drops all the self-affirming good vibes at her celestial performance at Fonda Theatre

UMI at Fonda Theatre – photo by Asha Moné

As the Fonda Theatre filled with fans changing “UMI!” and the smell of burning sage and incense, Seattle-born neo r&b songstress, UMI, glides onto the stage of her second sold-out night. In a room grounded in positive intentions, UMI lead 1,200+ people in a brief guided mediation before kicking off a celestial music experience with her song “Sorry.”

The excitement in the room is was on ten and the smile on UMI’s face was everlasting, never dropping once as she effortlessly performed her 17-song set. UMI commanded the crowd with the grace of a holistic sugarplum fairy and the fans were gleaming like shooting stars as they grooved to UMI’s poems cascading from the speakers.


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Supported by openers Aneesa, a multifaceted singer and bassist from Oakland, and syd B, a Pop & B vocalist based in Los Angeles, the “Forest in the City” tour, just like the album, is UMI’s grounding experience as she settles into her rising stardom and a more positive mental space.

UMI leading a guided meditation
UMI leading a guided meditation – photo by Asha Moné

UMI’s show at the Fonda Theatre was a beautiful experience If you are looking for positive affirmations wrapped up in sweet summer vibes blanketed by neo-soul, UMI’s “Forest in the City” tour might be what you are looking for.

“ I finally love myself now
And I do what I do when I want it” – bird’s eye view by UMI

Authors Note: I would love a guided mediation ep from Umi, Jhene Aiko and Erkyah Badu. That would be a game changer.

Photography & Words by Asha Moné

Aneesa at Fonda Theatre – photo by Asha Moné
Syd B – photo by Asha Moné
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