Johnny Stranger

Relentlessly zealous Johnny Stranger’s latest single “January Knives” ignites a spirit of perseverance amidst its volatile riffs. Brandishing their electrifying rock with the kind of dazzling rancor they’ve become loved for, the band hammers out the song’s anthemic and blistering racket into something chaotically hopeful.

At its core, the single tells the story of Johnny Stranger’s disbandment in a sense, which came after the band relocated from Washington to Boston. Which left lead singer Peter Anthony on his own trying to figure out how or even if he should continue. On “January Knives,” he wails against flaming guitars about even the bitter cold of the east coast which he felt both physically and emotionally eroded by.

“I was suddenly alone in a completely new place, with no friends and no path forward,” recalls Anthony. “Plus, it was the coldest place I’ve ever been. ‘January Knives’ is about that first month alone and my resolve to persevere.” With its rocketing sonics and combustible energies, “January Knives” rallies hard against succumbing to despair and freezing weather.

With the release of the band’s sixth album Valkyrie last year, Johnny Stranger ended a decade-long hiatus. After making another move back to the west coast to Los Angeles, the band is gearing up for another release slated for November. “January Knives” follows the release of their previous single “Bones (Bury Me Deeply & Sweetly),” a no less volatile heavy rock track. More releases are on the way and will give fans a taste of Johnny Stranger’s next album. Like “January Knives” the upcoming LP will further detail Anthony’s time in Boston.

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