Bella Rabbit Drops Fiery New Single “Cariño”

Bella Rabbit “ Cariño” 2022
Photo Credit: Donn Stewart

Multilingual, Mexican born, Grammy nominated and Platinum certified songwriter and musician Bella Rabbit knocks it out of the park with her debut single “Cariño,” an electro pop stunner with an upbeat tempo, reggaeton infused beats and playful lyrics. The single comes after Bella Rabbit’s departure from Universal Music Group (under the management of Rebeleon Entertainment). She now takes a reinvigorated step forward in her music career.


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“The only person standing in your way is you doubting yourself,” she noted in an Instagram post about her new single and directional change. “Sometimes it’s better to let go and trust that life conspires in your favor, always.”

“Cariño” starts off with a smoking reggaeton beat that soon unleashes a combination of electro sounds and pop inspired vocals. Bringing a feminine energy to a male dominated space, Bella Rabbit takes charge of her surroundings, unafraid and unabashed to be whatever version of herself she wants to be. Finding the sweet spot between sexy and empowering, she uses her powerful vocals to deliver cheeky, yet resounding lyrics in Spanish and English, reworking into her song, the popular saying, ”float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”


Using this phrase to describe herself, Bella Rabbit cements her status as a woman in charge, one who is equal parts soft-hearted as she is stone cold; whether she is one or the other depends on the situation at hand. Her single also explores the sensual side of life, pushing the boundaries on what it means to feel alive and sexy through dance, music and romance.

Based in Los Angeles, Bella Rabbit recently performed at Breaking Sound LA earlier this month, performing her debut single and showing fans her powerful performance chops. Moving forward, Bella Rabbit notes she wants to explore her jazzy and soulful roots by fusing it with hip hop and electronic elements while also singing in English and Spanish.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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