Supreme Beings of Leisure end 14 year hiatus with new single “Full Circle,” announce fourth album ’22’

Supreme Beings of Leisure

Supreme Beings of Leisure have ended their 14-year hiatus with an absolutely sublime and soul-wringing new single “Full Circle.” The trio is still as enigmatic as ever, radiating that illustrious retro-futurism and electronic trip-hop that made their previous three albums so enthralling. On “Full Circle,” Supreme Beings of Leisure — comprised of founding members Geri Soriano, Ramin Sakurai, and Rick Torres — tap into the emotional zeitgeist to craft a song about someone getting their just desserts.

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“‘Full Circle’ is a fun song about comeuppance,” said Soriano. “The sassy hook just came to me almost like the flip side to ‘Golddigger’ from our debut.”

But that’s not the only similarity between the two songs. There are also its ebullient tones made-up of sizzling riffs and suave bossa nova that leave you swooning in spite of the single’s incisive lyrics. “Full Circle” also saw the Supreme Beings of Leisure call upon Soriano’s friend Frank Navin from The Aluminum Group to help out on the track, which was designed to be a throwback that “softens the heaviness of our cultural moment.”


Which is itself a near-perfect description of what the trio’s music is capable of: a rich sonic texture that envelops all the emotions the Supreme Beings of Leisure pour into their music. If you haven’t yet explored the band’s self-titled debut or their other two phenomenal albums, now’s the time. Soon they’ll be dropping their fourth album 22 which is slated for an early 2023 release.

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Listen to Supreme Beings of Leisure’s new single “Full Circle” below

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