The Steens

With the release of their second single “Heaven, brotherly duo from Orange County The Steens have once more solidified themselves as one of the more exciting newcomers to grace our ears with vintage rock blistering sounds. Wielding their blown-out sonics with brash gusto and hoarse rollicking the new song is The Steens in a combustible nutshell.


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Dueling guitars explode against the band’s frantically electrifying vocals on “Heaven.” While their bemoaning wails and fuzzy distortions only add to the song’s feverish energy. It’s the kind of music that crackles with all the unwieldy passions of the ones performing it and although I’ve yet to see them live, it’s also the kind of song that signals just how rowdy their shows will be. And as with their last single “What a Way to Die,” the brothers have presented their version of “future rock-n-roll,” one that especially takes inspiration from a past overflowing with talent, passion, and pain.

Born into a successful and thriving family, their lives were drastically altered when their dad was arrested and sent to prison for a decade. The Steens wear this on their sleeve in more than one way, using not just their surname as their band name but also paying homage to their father’s work as an A&R/ artist manager and the music they grew up listening to. This is why The Steens’ music so far is characterized by this revival and reinvention of a previous age of rock. Keep your ears open for the release of the band’s debut EP this summer!

Listen to The Steens’ new single “Heaven” below!

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Words by Steven Ward

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