Cassie Marin shares final single from new album “Lil 5i5” with glittery-synth title track — new album out August 12

Cassie Marin
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Cassie Marin has shared the final single from her upcoming sophomore album with the release of the glittery synth-bass burner “Lil 5i5. Not only is it the album’s title track but it also influenced its trajectory, sonically and thematically. On “Lil 5i5,” Marin’s avant-garde pop tastes are at the forefront of her saccharine hooks and vocals as she muses over the things that keep her from being the person she wants to be.


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“Trauma that I’m tryna let go / But my habits get so tangled up,” she sings, her words coming in glitchy through the song’s frenetic transmissions. “Lil 5i5” tracks Marin’s attempts to forgive herself and change (“I don’t wanna be like this”), making it both an intimate introspection and a soothing way to hype yourself up.

Between shuddering bass and strident electronica Marin emerges from the string of singles that have led up to Lil 5i5 poised to give another reintroduction. If you still haven’t given a listen to her debut Plastique Days, you’re missing out on a lush and sprawling collection of electronic soundscapes too ethereal to put into words.


When Lil 5i5 arrives it’ll see Marin expand her sound in more ways than one — as the album will be a massive 19-track release. Make sure you give a listen to previous singles like “Gemini” and “Floating

“While writing ‘Lil 5i5’ I got to this place where I was more forgiving of my inherited and learned limiting beliefs. I was no longer beating myself up about them and I decided to have fun shedding all of this stuff that did not belong with my identity and values. I allowed myself to just let go and be honest, but also not take myself too seriously and have fun. I hope the listeners are able to feel that for themselves when they hear it.”

Listen to Cassie Marin’s new single “Lil 5i5” below!

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Cassie Marin’s new album Lil 5i5 is out August 12. Visit Cassie Marin’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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