JiLLi Releases New Bittersweet EP

At its core, “Bittersweet” reveals JiLLi’s heartbreaking depiction of us all through tracks that seamlessly merge pop and electronic music with witticism and soulful vocals, resulting in a work that is both personal and universal. The music on the EP accentuates and adapts to JiLLi’s growing plot, exploring both the sensitivity and the strength of human experience.


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A raw and intimate story told via songs that brilliantly cross over between pop and electronic music, is bittersweet, a new album by JiLLi. JiLLi’s story is told through music that both intensifies and adapts to the ever-evolving storyline of her EP. JiLLi conceivably sings with a wounded smile as her playful words convey a deep inner conflict of aching hope and rising heartbreak in the bold start of “Waiting for You”.


“Hi, how are you?” is the heartfelt following chapter in the story line, where the young artist’s anguish is matched with a newfound realization of self-worth and dignity. Jill’s heroic journey to triumph is revealed, but she also shows her breezy middle finger through playful jabs and rhymes of Better as she rides out into the sunset toward a more liberated existence. The EP also inspires listeners to feel as if they have triumphed over the darkest matters of the heart through Bittersweet shouts out with a sense of urgency and bare emotion.

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Icon Collective’s “Collaboration Project Competition” winner, which also won the “Best Album Art Award” – was this project. This is the first time in Icon Collective history that JiLLi and her producer Aidan Kennedy (who also goes by the name “Muerte”) have won two awards in the same year.

JiLLi has announced a live show at Bar Lubitsch in Los Angeles on Aug. 9th in support of her new EP “Bittersweet.” For more on JiLLi, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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