Alain Zane 2022
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Premiering their second single ever, musical duo Alain Zane drop “Kite,” a rich and soulful R&B infused tune with a catchy hook and tight melody. Filled with sultry vocals that traverse highly visual lyrics and groovy instrumentals with an understated cool, the song immediately stands out in style and tone.


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Combining multiple genre elements and instrumental techniques such as a boom bap drum beat and a rich, funk bass line, the imaginative fusing of genres gives “Kite” a certain edge, while still remaining smooth in its overall delivery.

The lyrics tell a story of self-reflection and a desire to move past the mistakes one has made in their life that has landed them in a tough spot. Still confined by their choices, the subject of “Kite” describes how they wish to be free and find a space where they can feel secure again.

“‘Kites’ are the slang term for messages that are sent in prison through non-conventional means,” explains bandmate Ethan Browne. “They are communications that are not for prying eyes; Confidential information between inmates and or someone in the outside world. The writer of this ‘Kite’ describes what got them into the situation and the trials and tribulations of life in the penitentiary. The title ‘Kite’ also represents a flight beyond the walls of incarceration; A mental escape from separation and confinement.”

The idea of a private message combined with the yearning nature of the lyrics create a deeper sense of intimacy and urgency that is thoroughly interesting to explore. Combined with a lyrics music video, the metaphor of the song’s title is further exemplified with simple imagery of hopeful horizons in the background.

“Kite” follows Alain Zane’s debut single, “Wunuvakine,” a slinky confessional love song burning with desire. Both singles will be on the band’s debut album Right Before Your Eyes, out Sept. 23 via Spinside Records. Fans can pre-save the album here.

The musical pairing of singer and multi-instrumentalist Cat Colbert, son of bass icon Charles Colbert (The American Breed), and producer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Browne, son of esteemed singer and musician Jackson Browne, Alain Zane (a moniker combining the pair’s middle names) may be a new band, but its band mates consists of two individuals who have been steeped in music from an early age, also having their own stints in music before joining forces.

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With the combined practice of this musical duo, Alain Zane strike a new chord for themselves, utilizing elements of vintage rock, soul, R&B and hip-hop to forge their own sound.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Alain Zane, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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