Beyond LA: Rebel Kicks mix Greek tragedy with alt-pop anthemics on “Hamartia”

Rebel Kicks

New York-based duo Rebel Kicks are back with their new single “Hamartia,” an electric-riff-soaked anthem that melds the best of their riveting pop-rock dynamism. At its core, the track centers on illustrating the outcomes of a person essentially going in circles. “I’ve been here before,” they harmonize in entrapped confusion.


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Channeling the idea of a fatal flaw — from which the title takes its name — brothers Anthony and Steven Babino paint a portrait of the ways in which we as humans self-sabotage. Over its spiraling sonics and explosive synth melodies “Hamartia” contrasts personal tragedy with glittery atmospherics. An irony that’s not lost on Rebel Kicks’ lyricism and lends the song a hopeful spark.


“Our song is about a person who is their own worst enemy. Someone who wants to be positive, but is inevitably dragged down by their own perceptions and paranoid beliefs,” the band said of the single. “Yet they’re self-aware enough to recognize that as their fatal flaw, or literal hamartia. The word ‘Hamartia’ originates from Greek tragedy, and though it has several interpretations, it most commonly refers to a fatal flaw that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.”

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If you haven’t listened to the string of singles Rebel Kicks opened 2022 with you’re missing out on similarly stunning blends of arena-sized anthems. From “Paint With the Music On” and “No One Like You” to “Those Days,” the duo have enshrined their sound in such grandiose emotion and human vibrance that it’s impossible not to feel the warmth of the fire they ignite inside you.


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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Rebel Kick’s new single “Hamartia” below

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